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GEJS solar heating that pays off


It's free!

As long as the sun shines, there will be only a small circulation pump in operation at the system.

Of course, there have to be an investing in a plant, but there is not much chance at taxes in the sun wil come along!


1. The sun shines approximately 1800 hours in Denmark per year

2. Solar panels covers your household usable water needs from approximately April to October, in approximately 6 months. Additionally you can expand the system so that it will send hot water on to the central heating system (floor heating) when, in the summertime, there is rerserves of energy for it.

3. So a normal summer there will be no need for other heating, however you can connect a second heat source, which could be a electricity cartridge, gas/oil/stoker firing system which could help, when the sun is gone several days.

4. In the winter the solar panels will only be at contribution to the heating system, which you normally use. But on a sunny winterday there also are free solar energy!​


Phone:75 33 01 22


​Henrik:  +45 22 13 40 90

Jan: +45 20 92 01 47


Ølg​odvej 71, DK-7200 Grindsted​

Gejs is situated between Grindsted and Ølgod with approximately 10 km to each town.

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