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Choice of Boiler

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The size of the kW of the boiler is chosen by looking at the size of the house in m2, age of the house and how much isolation in the house.

E.g. could a house age 20-30 years often use about 1 kw per 10 m2, so e.g. 180 m2 house = 18 kw boiler. Newer houses less and older houses more.

After that you have to choose, whether the boiler has to be used for solid fuel, stoker or both.

If you want to fire much with solid fuel, it might require mounting of a accumulatortank, and in some cases this will do, that you have to choose a bigger or smaller boiler.

One of the important things about the boiler is, that you choose something that fits the need of the house, has a good effiency and is easy to clean.

All our boilers can be delivered with hole for stoker in right or left side.

Contact GEJS for more advice to ensure the choise to be right the first time.​​


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