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Choice of stoker

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All GEJS biomass hoppers fits all our boilers up to 50 kW but can also be mounted on other boilers.

Choose a hopper size (liters) which is big enough to run about 1 week in wintertime so you don’t have to fill it up all the time. For example for a ordinary house of 150 m2 you would choose GEJS 400 liter.

The GEJS biomass hopper can be chosen in several versions depending on if it is woodpellets only or other small granulates you will use for firing.

Equipment such as mixing device can be mounted/mounted later if you have to fire with chips or other materials.

Mixing device is mounted to avoid the chips to mould over the screw (drawing 1). Models 850, 1250 and 4000 are always with chips equipment.

Remember to choose bigger GEJS biomass hopper if you have to fire with chips. It takes 3 times volume to fit the wood pellets.

The Gejs biomass hopper can be chosen freely so it fits boiler with hole in right or left side.

Contact GEJS for more information.

Stoker advantages:

  • ​Powerful steel all over. Great effiency.
  • Door with gas damper and door switch. Powerful gear motor without chain drive.
  • Incredibly easy control – can be operated by anyone. CE-labeled according machinery directive 98/37 EF.
  • 24 l. extinghuisher with thermal sensor, manometer etc​


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